Fiber Internet Access

Highspeed, Redundant, Secure and Reliable

  • 100% Fiber Network

    LightSpeed runs on-top the lowest-latency, redundant fiber network in the county. With 8 different failover points, and 2 major upstream providers (Geo-Diverse) setup on failover you can rest knowing your connection will always be there.

  • Blazing Fast Speeds

    Our plans start as little as 10Mbps and can go up to 20Gbps. We utilize the ultra low-latency Medina County Fiber Network which is never oversubscribed to give you hands down some of the lowest latency times you'll ever see.

  • Private L2 Transport

    Because we utilize our fiber providers on an L2 network, utilizing our blazing faster Fiber Internet access will also give you a private L2 connection to our data center. If you utilize our other data center services, you can enjoy a completely private, non-Internet fiber connection straight to your infrastructure.

  • Local Network Peering

    Need to get blazing fast connections to other fiber networks in the area? LightSpeed can work with you to get a fiber route plan in place so that private, ultra low-latency fiber paths are in place over our network to your gear or other offices.