LightSpeed Ravenna Facility Update 2

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Hello LightSpeed Miners!

Update #2 on the new facility in Ravenna Ohio and our migration.

We're hard at work completing the remaining tasks necessary to bring our new facility online and wanted to make sure everyone got an update on our progress.

The majority of miners have been unpacked, cleaned and are in the process of getting shelved.  Soon we will be cutting holes in the foam board and getting ready to wire them up.

Unfortunately, issues with products arriving much later than promised and delays in construction (labor availability) have set us back a few more weeks vs what we had hoped for.  The two main items we're waiting to still arrive are (a) power strips although we have some already being installed and then (b) louvers and filters for the east wall which all of the incoming air to enter the building and be filtered and economized.  Both of these two items are slated to arrive and be installed the last week of September.

If all goes as planned, we hope to be able to bring the new facility online in early October, pending any last required inspections and operational permits. We already have some of the required permits finished and closed but will need final sign off from electrical and fire before allowing power to be turned onto miners.

Here's some picture of the progress the last several weeks.

ravenna-15 ravenna-12

ravenna-9 ravenna-2 ravenna-5 ravenna-15